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So This is What We Are?

Rant alert.  I’m livid and not likely to be so kind.

No offense to the supposed ‘millions’ of people devastated by Michael Jackson’s death.  Believe me, but I don’t think anyone’s death should be belittled.  However, enough is enough.  The world is on fire with changes that will have terrifying consequences for us and our children, and yet we want to watch washed-up-has-beens sing at the ticketed funeral of a pop-icon who, while arguably a musical genius, was also obviously a conflicted, tortured and misguided person.  Enough doubt lingered over his life to convince many that his relationship with children was anything but appropriate.  <Cue screeching halt and screaming fans />  WHY did I mention that last item?  Because political figures with more power and influence have had their lives destroyed on the basis of mere accusations less controversial than what Michael Jackson was accused of, and yet we have members of the lowest rated Congress in history proposing House Resolutions to honor him??!

Yes, that’s right.  Our Representatives – who apparently don’t have time to read a 1200-page (oh, wait, they added 300 more pages only hours before the vote), make that 1500-page “Cap and Trade” bill that will literally transfer our wealth to other nations simply by making us pay offsets in a sham-of-an-energy-derivatives market – but they have time to write and bring to the floor a bill honoring Michael Jackson.

Meanwhile, North Korea fired 7 more missiles on our Independence Day – a clear sign of defiance by a rogue state who has a proven history of bullying and bombast (albeit, now backed up by nuclear capability).  Japan – clearly concerned about North Korea, will most likely build up its military capabilities (and some have hinted at a nuclear option).

Then there’s Iran.  Simultaneously aiding raids against our forces in Iraq, ruthlessly crushing the people’s hopes for freedom (warning: graphic) and still working to build a nuclear weapon, Iran has made utter fools of the US in the eyes of the world.  Some believe that other states, like Saudi Arabia, will seek to arm themselves with nuclear weapons if Iran succeeds in building one.

And….Honduras.  The situation is not as cut and dry as the US Administration says.  Zelaya is not a “good guy” – and the people there are begging for prayer and assistance.  They don’t want their government to become yet another pawn of Hugo Chavez.  So, we ignore the cries of Iranians for assistance as they are beaten and shot in the streets, and yet we immediately side with Chavez and Zelaya on Honduras.  “Dude – where’s my country?!”

Our government is racked with corruption – from sweetheart mortgages for Senators, to increased pleasure travel on taxpayer money (while condemning auto executives for flying their private jets), to Argentinian affairs – all the while the Federal government has extended its power beyond anything ever intended (and beyond what our system can actually sustain)….and yet, here we are with wall-to-wall coverage of Michael Jackson.

My God, America, get a grip.  You now owe a minimum of $516k per household with our current national debt….and that debt is growing (thanks to interest) at least $1.2 BILLION PER DAY.  Oh, and all that money we’ve been printing?  Is it any wonder that China, Russia and India are just the latest in a line of nations calling for the dollar to no longer be the ‘dominant’ (i.e. – reserve) currency?  Does ANYONE get what this means?  If our treasury “debt auction” sales drop, we have no way to finance the out-of-control spending….and we’ll be left with an inflated currency, insane interest rates and the inability to fund all the entitlements so many hold dear (social security, medicare, etc.).

But that’s ok. Go watch the Michael Jackson memorial and memorize every fricking detail – because you better be able to describe in utter detail to your children and grandchildren what you were doing when you sold them into peasantry and slavery.